1. We expect that what you learn you will use, remix, and share because you are here to grow. It'd be VERY COOL if you credit us now and then... but that's totally not required.

2. You agree to not distribute, copy, share downloads of our content.

3. All users who interact with each other via chats, social engagement, etc are expected to keep a professional level of decorum. Positive attitudes and helpful banter is wonderful. Negativity and disagreements can happen and we will not be the arbiters of such HOWEVER, we reserve the right to expel hyper-aggressive members and/or those who perpetuate bullying. It is our sole discretion and right to cancel your membership and you will NOT receive refunds of any kind. We will cancel ongoing billing so as to not unnecessarily charge an expelled student. A word of advice that you likely don't need to hear: Be cool. You likely already are. ;-)